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Expand your outdoor structure with an easy to install second level. Several sizes available.


Second level Spaces range in size. Ask about our custom sizing.

Worldwide Shipping

Second level Spaces are shipped to various locations throughout the world! We ship both domestically & internationally. Our logistics department will arrange shipping to your designated location.

Mission Statement

“To make life outdoors better “

Top Padding

We produce high quality structures that take advantage of vertical space inside of our outdoor living spaces

Top Padding

Top Padding

Helping our clients maximize their existing outdoor space...

Top Padding

Top Padding

Contributing to the environment: Cutting the need for large scale spaces

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Bottom Margin

General Information

The high quality steel structure, combined with high quality PVC membrane ensures that camping domes can be used year round. The structure is waterproof, wind and snow resistant. Add a portable stove which will keep you warm. Domes can be connected to existing electrical and water supply, eco digester system or a septic tank. Installation of camping domes are easily assembled at site. We provide you with manual instruction and support. Pods can be expanded to clients desired size. In most cases there is no need for building permits. It can be easily set up by anyone. Each camping tent is supported by support steel “feet” which can be anchored to wooden,concrete or hardground. Decking is available for the structure along with a variety of interior floors.

Shipping of Second Levels

If Second Levels are not in stock generally it takes about 8 weeks to ship to a client. We use several shippers and shipping services. Depending on the size and the final destination will determine which method of shipping will be used. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the receiver.

What is dome frequency or V number?

Geodesic domes are comprised of a network of triangles that form a somewhat spherical surface. The higher the V or frequency the more triangles there are on the geodesic dome. Higher frequency domes with more triangles will be stronger and more spherical than a dome with a lower frequency.